Friday, September 3, 2010

day 6

i made a salad today with a bunch of tuna and green beans, and i used some eggs and tomatoes and stuff. but i dont really know how to make salads so the eggs kinda mixed with the dressing and now its all weird and mushy, but its got a lot of protein. and protein is good for me.

working out is a good distraction for me i think. when your life is kinda just, wake up, eat breakfast, take a shit (if youre lucky) go to work, come home, etc, etc, etc every day you kinda get bored. but its cool, ive only been doing this shit for like, almost a week and i already feel a little better when i have to do certain stuff at work.

not that i really care about being the best carpet cleaner or trash bag changer in the entire world, but shows how adjusting something in your life really changes everything

hah listen to me, i sound like a dork. i dunno what im talking about just rambling

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