Thursday, September 16, 2010

day 18

i started taking this shit called vanadyl and now ive got all this energy. i did my workout with my arms and everything no problem except now my DVD player is fucking up. you get what you pay for, right? cheap piece of no-name crap

ive been taking this glutamine stuff which is supposed to make me feel less sore which i really think it works. im kinda worried about how ill sleep later with all this energy but no pain no gain. i can afford to lose a little sleep im sure.

im thinking about taking this stuff i read about called GABA (gamma something something acid) which is supposed to stimulate your body into making more muscle, basically. its supposed to give you some pretty messed up dreams, which i already have so i dunno if i want those to change

amber says its probably from stress from all the shit thats gone on the last few years but i dont think so, i think some people just have a lot of bad dreams. probably from all the metal i listen to or something hahahah

seriously though its mind over matter. they say everything happens for a reason and i know that im in a place where im making some positive changes and getting motivated. i feel really good right now and if you ask me, those are the results i need so thats what im gonna care about

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