Saturday, September 17, 2011


INVINCIBLE FORCE has been selected to play at THE OLYMPIA FILM FESTIVAL in Olympia, Washington on November 14th, 2011 at The Capitol Theater at 11:30 P.M. (CONFIRMED).

Description from the Olympia Film Festival program:

"A classic midnight movie in the making, this 'anti-mumblecore' feature is many things: a dark comedy about a man’s descent into testosterone-driven madness, a true life Cronenbergian body horror, a maddeningly unique excercise video, and a piece of conceptual art with a budget of $0.00. Filmed over the course of 90 days using only outdated technology that was found, borrowed, or stolen, Invincible Force follows Drew, a slovenly metalhead who enrolls in a video fitness program out of hope that it will give him a new direction in life. And a new direction in life is, horrifyingly, exactly what he gets... Although the film is meticulously scripted, with not a word or action improvised, Drew’s physical transformation is completely real (his body mass index went from .27 to a shocking .085 over the course of filming). We are proud to present the North American premiere of this future cult favorite, with director Dan S and lead actor Drew Ailes in attendance."


Admission is $10.00 or $7.00 for Olympia Film Society members. Purchase tickets HERE.

Please attend.


INVINCIBLE FORCE has been selected to appear at RADAR HAMBURG INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL on OCTOBER 27th, 2011 @ GÄNGEVIERTEL Valentinkamp 34a @ 7:30P.M. in Hamburg, Germany (CONFIRMED).

Description from The Radar Hamburg Independent Film Festival Program:

"Invincible Force ist die detaillierte Chronik einer Verwandlung. Und was für einer. Ein antriebsarmer, bierbäuchige Metall Fan zieht das Programm einer “In-90-Tagen-zum-Herkules-Körper“-DVD durch. Er spickt hierfür seine Wohnung mit Kameras, um jeden Fortschritt zu dokumentieren. Anfangen tut sein Projekt am 29. August 2010, am 26. November ist er wahnsinnig. Auch wenn wir uns sonst Vergleiche ersparen: Das hier ist eine Punktlandung zwischen Blair Witch Projekt, Big Brother auf RTL 2 und Taxi Driver. Word."

Bitte kommt zahlreich.