Tuesday, September 21, 2010

day 23

i got a bunch of exciting things coming up...some new shit to do at work...going to look at a place with amber tomorrow and also i'm going into the second part of the muscle confusion workout. its a blend of martial arts, weight lifting, and a lot of high intensity leg workouts. you kinda get your cardio from the martial arts and then you bulk up with the weights and the leg exercises, so the idea is that you slim down and youre bulking up at the same time. pretty cool if you ask me

its awesome that you can really tell they kinda found a mix between stuff that real normal people can do and mixed it with what the experts tell you to do, like just when your muscles are getting all torn up and worn out you realize youve got a totally different workout ahead of you or when you get tired youve got a day off suddenly

i dunno really what to do on my days off anymore. im just kinda so used to working out and pushing myself that when i get a day off i almost wanna just go do something anyway

but i gotta stick to the program if im gonna get SHREDDED i guess so thats what ill do. maybe when i get really far into it if im still getting bored on my days off ill kinda figure out what works for me, just like they say. do what works for you

we'll see

and by "we'll" i mean "i'll" because i know no one reads this anyway

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