Thursday, September 30, 2010

day 32

god damn it, i wish people would just kinda leave me alone sometimes when im trying to get something done. i am fine, im just focused, so let me do what i need to do


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

day 31

worked on my arms and back today...did some more abdominal workouts...

you know chris is always wasting all his fucking time on these stupid ass "social networking" sites where it says he has 300 "friends", even though he doesnt have 300 friends. he has like 4 probably, 5 if you count my girlfriend but its not like they go and hang out or something

so just because someone remembers you from high school suddenly you guys are friends? like youre gonna socially network yourself into drinking some beers and playing HALO together suddenly. stupid shit, 2010 is gay and so is the internet

go outside once and a while. maybe go workout or something and prove you care about yourself

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DAY 30

i made it. day 30, motherfuckers!

i dunno i guess ive just never been devoted to anything this much before. ive tried doing stuff and im just never finishing anything that i start, like dieting or exercising or times when i said i was gonna do something and then its amazing to really see all the progress and hard work ive put in and i can proudly say its been 30 days

no turning back now, im dedicated

Monday, September 27, 2010

day 29

one more day and ive been doing this for a solid month

pretty awesome. people are noticing that ive lost weight and everything. its good. its really good.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

day 28

yoga program - i can do a lot of the poses now. HA!

makes it seem like i can eventually get that one where you gotta balance on your hands

i figured out it's easier to do the yoga shit when I listen to sick funeral doom like shape of despair or anything with really crushing breakdowns like disembowelment or some shit.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

day 27

im thinking about doing this cleanse thing where its supposed to kickstart your metabolism but the packages i was reading have all these warnings about diarrhea on them. i dunno im not really that cool with the idea of having a stomach ache for a few weeks or however long its supposed to go but its supposed to get you losing weight immediately

gotta go

Friday, September 24, 2010

day 26

im becoming a pretty determined person

26 days. thats over 3 weeks. i havent missed a day, havent screwed up my diet, and im seeing results. i dont even miss things like beer or candy or whatever anymore. its hard to believe that we live in a society that just lives like this, everyone sitting around, getting fat, not caring about themselves or how they look

they probably dont even know how bad they feel because they never stop to think about what theyre doing to themselves.

well thats not me, im not gonna waste my time and get old and turn into some pile of shit. the dude who does these videos is in his 40s and his totally ripped. im gonna be like that too. the way i see it you can kinda lay down and watch yourself fall apart and be totally weak or you can be strong and stand up and push yourself and maybe do a little work and see what happens

i dont get why everyone doesnt figure it out...its simple

Thursday, September 23, 2010

day 25

hey chris

if youre reading this youre a fag

and the Aske EP is way more legit than Nattens Matrigal.  Get with the program poser.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

day 24

looked at a place with amber...that was cool. landlord/caretaker dude seems cool. i dunno whatever i guess, im just supposed to stand there and look pretty while amber checks it out


how the hell do people make a living blogging? i saw this dude on tv and his title was just "blogger" like thats his only fuckin job....yeah right dude that's retarded. dude probably eats ramen and writes about all the shits he takes or something because thats how poor he is from being a "blogging pro" or whatever

fuck that, i got better things to do with my time. i got things ive got to accomplish and stuff to live for

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

day 23

i got a bunch of exciting things coming up...some new shit to do at work...going to look at a place with amber tomorrow and also i'm going into the second part of the muscle confusion workout. its a blend of martial arts, weight lifting, and a lot of high intensity leg workouts. you kinda get your cardio from the martial arts and then you bulk up with the weights and the leg exercises, so the idea is that you slim down and youre bulking up at the same time. pretty cool if you ask me

its awesome that you can really tell they kinda found a mix between stuff that real normal people can do and mixed it with what the experts tell you to do, like just when your muscles are getting all torn up and worn out you realize youve got a totally different workout ahead of you or when you get tired youve got a day off suddenly

i dunno really what to do on my days off anymore. im just kinda so used to working out and pushing myself that when i get a day off i almost wanna just go do something anyway

but i gotta stick to the program if im gonna get SHREDDED i guess so thats what ill do. maybe when i get really far into it if im still getting bored on my days off ill kinda figure out what works for me, just like they say. do what works for you

we'll see

and by "we'll" i mean "i'll" because i know no one reads this anyway

Monday, September 20, 2010

day 22

i dont really have a whole lot to say today

Infernal Overkill is the best thrash record of all time and if you say otherwise youre a poser bitch.

i guess thats it

Sunday, September 19, 2010

day 21

do you know how expensive some of these supplements are? jesus fuckin christ. this guy at my work today was telling me about this friend he has who seriously eats a dozen eggs a day and takes all these supplements so he can stay huge. i guess he spends all his money on food....if it were me and i was that big id just start grabbing shit cuz im sure everyone would be afraid to do anything....jk...haha...kinda

Saturday, September 18, 2010

day 20

i dunno everything's going pretty good right now in my life. im not like, gonna freak out and say im a new man or whatever but i havent really felt this good in a while. i guess years of chugging soda and eating jalapeno pork rines (im serious theyre really good) is kinda hard on your body.

i switched to whole grain stuff now and i dont really miss all the junk food i used to eat. i crave it a little sometimes but i just do something to distract myself right away so i dont think about it.

the world is my oyster and im gonna eat it. just with hot sauce though. no butter or crackers or whatever. i actually dont really know because i dont eat a lot of oysters because im not fuckin rich or some shit. anyway you get what i mean i was just trying to be clever on the internet like all you assholes hahahaha

Friday, September 17, 2010

day 19

i cant believe im only on day 19 and feeling a million times better. i dont feel like im 60 years old anymore when i bend over to scrub carpets or pick up my keys on the ground that i dropped for the 4000th time in a day

i dunno, i dont even feel so stupid doing some of the weirder workouts anymore now that i can actually do some of them. looks like im finally doing something good for myself

Thursday, September 16, 2010

day 18

i started taking this shit called vanadyl and now ive got all this energy. i did my workout with my arms and everything no problem except now my DVD player is fucking up. you get what you pay for, right? cheap piece of no-name crap

ive been taking this glutamine stuff which is supposed to make me feel less sore which i really think it works. im kinda worried about how ill sleep later with all this energy but no pain no gain. i can afford to lose a little sleep im sure.

im thinking about taking this stuff i read about called GABA (gamma something something acid) which is supposed to stimulate your body into making more muscle, basically. its supposed to give you some pretty messed up dreams, which i already have so i dunno if i want those to change

amber says its probably from stress from all the shit thats gone on the last few years but i dont think so, i think some people just have a lot of bad dreams. probably from all the metal i listen to or something hahahah

seriously though its mind over matter. they say everything happens for a reason and i know that im in a place where im making some positive changes and getting motivated. i feel really good right now and if you ask me, those are the results i need so thats what im gonna care about

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

day 17

i got amber working out with me now a little, which is cool. i dunno shit helps me so i assume its good for everyone, plus it kinda shows me how far ive come. im not saying its cool to see her struggle or whatever but its a reminder of how hard some of this stuff can be when you first start

things are going good. im not struggling like i did that one day. i still dont know what the fuck happened....

Monday, September 13, 2010

day 16

i did the plyometrics workout again. it was fine, i made it through the whole thing. im still pissed about yesterday but whatever. people say im always too hard on myself and maybe this is one of those cases but sometimes i think its important to be hard on yourself, because sometimes its the only way to get something done.

and im determined to get this shit done.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

day fucking 15

i'm so fucking pissed right now

i went to do my workout and SUDDENLY i cant do a FUCKING THING. i did like, four pushups and suddenly i couldnt do anymore. its seriously the most frustrating thing ive ever encountered to randomly not be able to do some shit that i SHOULD be able to do without any problem at all, especially after being able to do it all this time

i wonder what the fuck happened? why did this happen? what am i doing wrong

i guess this just fucking goes to show you that anything can go to shit whenever, and just when you think things are good and okay everything gets fucked up again, because thats just the fucking way life is - a bunch of bullshit

so ill just work harder and maybe pay better attention to what i'm eating, or maybe i'll read into supplements more instead of just talking some fucking jerkoff's advice on the internet. ill do my own fucking research and figure it out, like the videos say - do whats best for me.

i feel like such a fucking loser about this. im not gonna let it happen again. bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit BULLSHIT

Saturday, September 11, 2010

day 14

im actually starting to see results from this when i look in the mirror. my stomach has kinda slimmed down, so im stoked. i dunno i was never really fat or anything but this is good for me

fuck, today is september 11th

Friday, September 10, 2010

day 13

arms and shoulders

shit sucks but i feel great when i'm done with it, i can seriously feel it all through my arms the next day and all of my muscles are getting tighter. when i look back on this blog its cool that im keeping track of everything so i can really see whats going on and how into stuff i'm getting. just more motivation to push harder

here goes nothin

Thursday, September 9, 2010

day 12

legs and back today, this one sucks but im gonna try and raise the intensity a little from where i was before, that way if i try it normal i'll be able to do it next week i'm thinking....

im still eating pretty good, this program actually lets you eat enough food so you dont feel all fucked up. its this whole chemistry of how and when your body can absorb nutrients and everything, so you gotta like, eat right away or take your supplements

gotta go, chris is here

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

day 11

nothing to say, just updating from work so i dont have to do it later. may as well get paid and take a minute to myself in this place

anyway just saying to say day 11, still on it and going strong

gotta go, probably not supposed to be using "company resources" or some dumb shit

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

day 10

ten days. ten days! pretty insane

bought some supplements. just kinda whatever this dude on this message board said to get who apparently is pretty ripped. but who the fuck knows its the internet, its probably some old fat cat lady or something telling me to buy shit thats gonna make me grow tits or something. hahaha god i hope not

anyway i am stoked that i've hit ten days. im proud that ive actually stuck to it and i think im gonna keep it up. im changing myself for the better

Monday, September 6, 2010

day 9

punch punch kick elbow punch elbow punch kick

you gotta be a rocket scientist to remember these combinations. i think its safe to say im never gonna be a prize fighter. ill stick to video games

time to go to shitty work

Sunday, September 5, 2010

day 8

todays supposed to be my day off but im gonna do kind of a quick workout anyway just to keep myself all ready and whatever

big changes are coming i think. i like where things are headed. cool

thats it. back to work tomorrow with all the other chumps

Saturday, September 4, 2010

day 7- metal metal metal

saw chris today. good dude. listened to some fucked up band called MAVETH - shit sounds evil. pretty blasting stuff, got a dude from excommunion in it so already im pretty stoked. i gotta get back into more music, maybe start playing guitar more. then ill be one of those super ripped bald guys like that dude from dissection who killed himself FOR SATAN. total badass in the dumbest way ever. i remember some dudes on a messageboard were saying he probably killed himself after he listened to that Maha Kali album.

what do you expect, dude put out a TECHNO album when he was in jail and that sucked too

im gonna go listen to some DAWN now while i work out


Friday, September 3, 2010

day 6

i made a salad today with a bunch of tuna and green beans, and i used some eggs and tomatoes and stuff. but i dont really know how to make salads so the eggs kinda mixed with the dressing and now its all weird and mushy, but its got a lot of protein. and protein is good for me.

working out is a good distraction for me i think. when your life is kinda just, wake up, eat breakfast, take a shit (if youre lucky) go to work, come home, etc, etc, etc every day you kinda get bored. but its cool, ive only been doing this shit for like, almost a week and i already feel a little better when i have to do certain stuff at work.

not that i really care about being the best carpet cleaner or trash bag changer in the entire world, but shows how adjusting something in your life really changes everything

hah listen to me, i sound like a dork. i dunno what im talking about just rambling

Thursday, September 2, 2010

day 5

yoga is stupid. i dunno how chicks can do that shit all the time. i read an interview with jean claude van damme a long time ago and he said he was really into it and it helped his martial arts. yeah well im not learning how to be a karate movie star, im just trying to get into better shape

if there is a hell i will be there with jean claude van damme and we will probably have to do yoga all day

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

day 4

hey...not a whole lot to report on. working out is still hard, surprise surprise. who would have thought that suddenly getting in shape would take so much energy and effort. oh wait, everybody! hahaha

im not complaining im just saying. its cool though some of the videos arent as lame as i thought they would be. i can see how someone could eventually kinda enjoy all the workouts

gotta give it time....