SEPULCHRAL VOICE DISTRO/All currently available Sepulchral Voice titles. Please visit. Please purchase.

SEEKING WELLNESS/The first Sepulchral Voice feature length production. Currently available for purchase.

VICTORY./Recent short subject Sepulchral Voice production. Currently available for exhibition.

VOCATION./I'll still be here when you're gone.

MATT'S STORY/Matt and Ted wander hungry and exhausted through an oppressive wasteland populated by freight trains and fellow travelers. The trains take Matt and Ted in every direction but never where they want to go.

TALISSA MEHRINGER/Surrealist filmmaker/animator and composer of Invincible Force score.

MAVETH/Blazing hellish blackened death metal.

SERBERUS/Aggressive melodic death metal.

THE KID VICIOUS/Minneapolis based dubstep/electro dj/producer.