Friday, September 24, 2010

day 26

im becoming a pretty determined person

26 days. thats over 3 weeks. i havent missed a day, havent screwed up my diet, and im seeing results. i dont even miss things like beer or candy or whatever anymore. its hard to believe that we live in a society that just lives like this, everyone sitting around, getting fat, not caring about themselves or how they look

they probably dont even know how bad they feel because they never stop to think about what theyre doing to themselves.

well thats not me, im not gonna waste my time and get old and turn into some pile of shit. the dude who does these videos is in his 40s and his totally ripped. im gonna be like that too. the way i see it you can kinda lay down and watch yourself fall apart and be totally weak or you can be strong and stand up and push yourself and maybe do a little work and see what happens

i dont get why everyone doesnt figure it out...its simple

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