Saturday, September 18, 2010

day 20

i dunno everything's going pretty good right now in my life. im not like, gonna freak out and say im a new man or whatever but i havent really felt this good in a while. i guess years of chugging soda and eating jalapeno pork rines (im serious theyre really good) is kinda hard on your body.

i switched to whole grain stuff now and i dont really miss all the junk food i used to eat. i crave it a little sometimes but i just do something to distract myself right away so i dont think about it.

the world is my oyster and im gonna eat it. just with hot sauce though. no butter or crackers or whatever. i actually dont really know because i dont eat a lot of oysters because im not fuckin rich or some shit. anyway you get what i mean i was just trying to be clever on the internet like all you assholes hahahaha

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