Sunday, October 24, 2010

day 56

i took advantage of my day off today and did something for myself. i went and actually gave myself a haircut and cut my beard off. i havent actually seen my face in years. i originally grew my beard out because i didnt like the way my face was shaped. im thinner now and you can really tell. my face is kind of round but having lost some weight and really put on muscle, you can see i actually have a jawline. so i shaved my beard real close and short and did one of those beards that outlines your chin to really show everyone what my face looks like

and i look damn good, too. people arent gonna recognize me when i go back to work and thats how i want it to be. showing people im not the person they think i am and the person they probably want me to be just so they hold things over my head

no more looking like a frumpy idiot - time to start showing people what im really like on the inside and the outside

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