Monday, October 4, 2010

day 36

ow ow ow, legs are sore. feels good though. its getting to the point where i just dont feel right if im not sore the next day. hahaha pretty weird if you ask me

Chris is a dipshit. we got into this argument about the singer of Dissection and why he got put in jail. i've always been a huge Dissection fan and i dont think i even remember Chris even liking them but he kept insisting that Jon got put in jail because some dude used his gun to kill someone, and in Sweden, that is considered to be a murder charge.

what i remembered was that Jon was in jail for like, using a stun gun on some dude who the other guy he was with later shot and he got in trouble for robbing graves. Chris kept saying his side over and over again so i went and googled it and found this SUPER OLD angelfire site from 2000 that kinda goes over it as it happens. here's one part:

The actual, legitimate, confirmed by CNN news is that Jon and Vlad are accusing each other! Jon also admitted to holding the victim after Vlad shot him with the electric gun. For what it's worth, the victim's name is Josef Ben Maddour.


Their story is that they had been partying for two days, when a 37 year old Algerian homosexual approached them and inquired about occultism, wanting to be a satanist. His manners disgusted Vlad and Jon, so they fetched a pistol, an electric shock weapon, amphetamine, and some beer from Jon's apartment (those Swedes love their alcohol as much as they like having their health and beauty spas!!). Vlad gave him three shocks, in an effort to "silence" him. This didn't work, so they tried to beat him up. The Algerian turned to run away, but Jon shot him once in the back and once in the head.

i was totally right. Chris is lucky i dont beat his ass for doubting my knowledge of metal

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