Monday, October 11, 2010

day 43

so i read this blog about HERSCHEL WALKER the other day. dude is absolutely ripped and i found out he's a vegetarian. he also only sleeps four hours a night and doesn't eat breakfast which is like, the total opposite of everything ive read but the dude is SHREDDED

haha me and my friends used to call bad weed "Mershal Walker" as a code word, as 'mersh was short for "commercial" which i guess meant shitty weed? i dunno weird when i think about it now. guess it doesnt make a whole lot of sense...

i dunno i dont really sleep a whole lot and i havent been sleeping well since some things happened but i sure as hell dont feel really good when i dont sleep. the only reason i feel good now is because of my workouts and changing the way i live and eat. but whatever being awake i get more stuff done and i probably burn more calories that way

i also found this picture of this dude but im not gonna say anything because i bet he could kick my ass so ill let you draw the conclusions

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