Wednesday, October 20, 2010

day 52

i remember when i couldnt even do one pull up and seeing people in gym class do like, 10 or 11. they were always little guys but they were always the athletic ones too that could do everything else like run the mile in five minutes. they always had everyones respect because of that. i watched them all grow up and go to nice colleges and get hot girlfriends, like they all turned out normal and like everything was good just because they could do physical things

i could do "sit and reach" at my school. it was a flexibility thing and i was the second best at it in the school and had my name up on a board in the hallway. me and chris broke into that school a long time ago when we were still kids and my name was still up there, ten years later. too bad it was for being good at something weird which makes sense because all ive heard my whole life is how weird i am while ive sat and ive watched other people go through life and have it easy just because they were born normal or born with some sort of skill everyone respects them for.

yeah big fucking deal you can touch your toes, see how that gets you out of getting beaten up in the bathroom in middle school for being weird

fuck you

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