Monday, November 22, 2010

day 85

so i guess im gonna be posting from the library for a little until i get some money. i was thinking about trying to get an agent to do some modeling as i hear you can make good cash for just like a few hours of work which is what a guy like me really should be doing

im not like all these fucking poor people here im not gonna slave away at mcdonalds when someone like me deserves to get paid much better for easier work maybe if they stopped jacking off to porn all day and spending all their time listening to shitty music with their homo friends or cranking babies they could get better jobs or if they worked out maybe theyd have some confidence and wouldnt have to hang out at the library all day looking for shit to do

fucking losers

im going to go into one of the quiet rooms and do a few sets of plyo-pushups

id like to see them stop me

zi kia kanpa (zee-kee-ya-kan-pa)
zi anna kanpa (zee-an-na-kan-pa)
zi dingir kia kanpa (zee-deen-geer-kee-ya-kan-pa)
zi dingir anna kanpa (zee-deen-geer-an-na-kan-pa)
hear me, o thou zulummar
come to me by the powers of the word zulummar

and answer my urgent prayer!
zi kia kanpa
zi anna kanpa

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