Tuesday, November 2, 2010

day 65

i need to work more on my triceps. theyre not nearly as defined as they should be. i remember before i really got with the program i didnt even know i had triceps let alone what they were. i probably would have thought they were a dinosaur or something. but now that im getting shredded i can sit and i can look at my arm and really see how everything works and what muscles help me with what activities and how what im doing really benefits me on a day to day level. people take for granted all of these muscles and how every single thing you do works some of them so they dont understand how important it is to keep them straight and to really maintain them. i dont want to end up some old decrepit dipshit in a wheelchair or something because i didnt take care of myself. fuck i mean i had like a gut and everything when i started and i had a weak lower back but now after toning a lot of those muscles and really focusing those exercises i can do all sorts of shit that i just always figured was like, something thats always gonna be messed up like i was born with a bad back or something when really i just never took the time to develop the muscles which i should have been doing all along i saw this kid named "little hercules" on youtube i think or it was the discovery channel or maybe it was lifetime im not really sure but he was this kid who was super ripped and like 8 years old and just in great shape and had like a really supportive family who was all about helping him work out and getting famous just by being healthy it was super cool. i mean, man, how lucky to be working out at such an early age - ive been fucking up most of my life by not doing any of this stuff earlier and im lucky i caught it before something happened like i bent down to pick up a newspaper and got a hernia and then got a broken dick and became a crazy alcoholic drunk like Nate was hahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

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