Wednesday, November 10, 2010

day 73

jason statham is pretty awesome and i dig that he's like, a real bald dude who is an action hero that isnt bruce willis. and chicks seem to be pretty into him too and he isnt like some pretty boy faggot or whatever but he's still good looking

i dunno i was looking at pictures of him though and he has kind of weak arms at least in this picture

my arms are definitely bigger and more defined although im probably not as tall as he is. ive been doing some acting work just to see what i look like on camera now and im actually pretty good. i think i wanna audition for some movies even if im just gonna be cast as like "the muscular guy" or a bouncer at a club or something. i dunno though actors make a ton of money and they get a lot of women what else do you want right

his face is kind of pointy too and ive always been told that my face is kind of round. i think i might call that girl again soon but i need to sell some shit so i can get some money so i can take her out

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