Monday, August 30, 2010

day two

just finished this leg kinda cardio thing called "plyometrics". i couldnt finish the whole thing but i got pretty far

i knew i was gonna be sore i guess i just didnt know how sore i was gonna be...but what do you expect when you dont work out regularly. im sure in no time ill be able to finish this stuff and actually feel okay afterwards

anyway pretty normal day and i guess i really dont feel that bad considering how hard youve gotta push it on this program. i know in all the videos and the little booklets they say not to overwork it but i dont wanna just get normal results. this woman i know said she did the program and she looked exactly the same so i get the idea she probably wasnt doing it all the way as theres tons of stuff online that shows before and after photos.

i would feel kinda dumb if i kept telling people i was doing this program and ditching out on plans and ended up having nothing to show for it.

ok i dont have anything else to say right now so seeee yaaaa

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