Sunday, August 29, 2010

day one

hey whats up

i dont know who im talking to but i guess im saying "whats up" anyway. who knows who is gonna read this other than me and if my girlfriend if she finds it...haha!

(just kidding ill probably tell her im writing it all down)

anyway im doing this program to get in better shape now after all these years of kinda treating my body like not getting any younger and i see all these people i went to school with on the internet now looking all rough and bad. im not gonna say i was ever one of the "pretty people" out there but if i can do something to improve myself then why not

anyway im not gonna make this too long. day one i started the day with bacon and eggs (still working on the lean protein part, eating whats left in the fridge kinda) and went through the first workout. im tired but i feel good. ended the day eating some lunch meat and stuff but i looked at the program and it actually kinda tells you to eat more than i thought so that's pretty cool i guess

i guess ill be pretty ripped

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