Saturday, September 17, 2011


INVINCIBLE FORCE has been selected to play at THE OLYMPIA FILM FESTIVAL in Olympia, Washington on November 14th, 2011 at The Capitol Theater at 11:30 P.M. (CONFIRMED).

Description from the Olympia Film Festival program:

"A classic midnight movie in the making, this 'anti-mumblecore' feature is many things: a dark comedy about a man’s descent into testosterone-driven madness, a true life Cronenbergian body horror, a maddeningly unique excercise video, and a piece of conceptual art with a budget of $0.00. Filmed over the course of 90 days using only outdated technology that was found, borrowed, or stolen, Invincible Force follows Drew, a slovenly metalhead who enrolls in a video fitness program out of hope that it will give him a new direction in life. And a new direction in life is, horrifyingly, exactly what he gets... Although the film is meticulously scripted, with not a word or action improvised, Drew’s physical transformation is completely real (his body mass index went from .27 to a shocking .085 over the course of filming). We are proud to present the North American premiere of this future cult favorite, with director Dan S and lead actor Drew Ailes in attendance."


Admission is $10.00 or $7.00 for Olympia Film Society members. Purchase tickets HERE.

Please attend.

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