Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: First Anti-Mumblecore Feature Completed



INVINCIBLE FORCE, the Citizen Kane of tape features to begin festival run.

From SEPULCHRAL VOICE PRODUCTIONS, the people who brought you the critically lauded experimental feature SEEKING WELLNESS, comes INVINCIBLE FORCE, a detailed chronicle of one man’s battle against his own body. Captured during 90 consecutive days with a budget of zero, INVINCIBLE FORCE meticulously documents its subject’s incredible transformation from slovenly man-child to infallible titan.

Dan S, award winning director and 2010 McKnight Fellow says, “The gauntlet has been thrown. INVINCIBLE FORCE heralds a new era in video storytelling and the end of lazy insincere faux-independent garbage. The world has never seen a video feature with such psychological depth and painstakingly detailed construction as INVINCIBLE FORCE.”

Relevant facts about INVINCIBLE FORCE:

- Invincible Force was shot for ninety consecutive days from August 29th, 2010 to November 26th, 2010.
- No money was spent on the production of Invincible Force.
- All equipment, media, props and wardrobe used in the production of Invincible Force were found, borrowed or stolen.
- Invincible Force was produced using only formats of video that are considered obsolete; including but not limited to VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm Analog, Hi8, Digital 8 and Mini-DV. Not all of these formats made the final cut.
- Invincible Force was meticulously scripted from beginning to end; not one action or piece of dialogue was improvised.
- Invincible Force contains hundreds of shots but only one was not captured from a tripod or other static mounting system.
- Only professional actors and crew were used during the production of Invincible Force.
- During the production of Invincible Force the lead actor Drew Ailes lost 35lbs (about 16kg) of body weight and his body mass index went from .27 to .085.

Requests for press screeners of INVINCIBLE FORCE, interviews and festival invitations/waivers are now being accepted - will be honored on a limited and discretionary basis.###


  1. You know what's awesome? We discussed how this blog was too fucking awesome and crazy to be real. However, it was so convincing that all my comments of encouragement were genuinely made to egg you on, hopefully to do something crazier, for our reading pleasure. TOUCHE YOU BASTARDS! Let us know when and where the screening is.